DIY: Pallet Table

This is one of my favorite projects. If you have ever been on this little site named Pinterest, you would notice that people are now obsessed with mason jars and pallet projects. I am one of those people. So I made a pallet coffee table.

Here is what I did:

I first had to find some pallets. I sanded them then sprayed them with some watered down bleach to clean them up a bit.

palletsPallet Cleaning

Once the pallet dried, I stained them and then applied a gloss

Pallet Stain

Once the stain dried, I assembled the pallets.

There are multiple ways you can make a pallet coffee table. I wanted to keep the top of the table open to display books. So I decided to stack two pallets (for more height) and leave the side with the least amount of wood slats as the top.

I nailed the two pallets together and then screwed on some wheels (found at Home Depot) so it was easier to move for cleaning purposes.

stacking the Pallets

fastening on the Wheels

Since I left the more exposed side up, I needed to have some glass cut for my actual table top. I called a local glass company and gave them the measurements of my pallet table and they had my glass ready the next day.

Voila! My pallet coffee table.

Pallet Coffee Table

side view of pallet table

Pallet Coffee Table in Room

And here is an extra photo of Renly because she is always getting jealous when I am taking pictures and they are not of her.

Renly Pallet Table

Have you done any fun pallet projects?


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