DIY: Terrarium

I am personally a fan of terrariums for the following reasons:

– It’s a great way to add a cute piece to your apartment with pops of color

– Succulents are hard to kill

– Terrariums typically have a lid, which means my cat won’t eat the plants

I found a couple of really great posts online that show all the steps you can take to make a fun and efficient terrarium, see my attempt below.

DIY Terrarium - Supplies

Here is what I used as my supplies:

– Cactus, Palm Citrus Potting Mix (Lowe’s)

– Aquarium Gravel (Petco)

– Activated carbon to absorb moisture within the terrarium (Petco)

– Moss (Michaels craft store)

– Succulents (Lowes)

– Cool jar (my boyfriend knew about my terrarium dreams, so he got this one for me as a Christmas present)

So the process is pretty simple: rocks, carbon, moss, dirt, then plants

DIT Terrarium- Step OneDIY Terrarium - Step Two

DIY Terrarium - Step three

DIY Terrarium  - succulent

My cousin also came over to partake in the terrarium fun

DIY Terrarium - Becca's Succulent

So that is pretty much it!

When I was at Michaels picking up the moss, I saw this really cute gold charger and decided to place my terrarium on that to display on my coffee table.

DIY Terrarium - finished product

DIY Terrarium top view

DIY Terrarium - finished

One last photo because Renly was jealous and wanted to be in the shot

DIY Terrarium Renly

I hope you enjoyed this post! Cheers!


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