2015 February Inspiration

February, the month of love…

Instead of focusing this blog post on what to buy your significant other or what is the best date idea for the special 2.14 night, I have decided to dedicate this inspiration post on loving yourself. See below for the many many ways you can spoil the number one love in your life… you!

cocochanel quote

Check out this amazing site with beautifully designed quotes for more inspiration

and now that you’re inspired.. it’s time to #treatyoself

like with these shoes!

Anthropologie Albright flats

and this adorable monogrammed ring

monogram ring on etsynow go and get yourself some amazing flowers

Flower Mart put on your best lip

lipstick at anthropologie

and make yourself a delicious drink

blackberry gin and tonic

I hope this posts inspires you for more than just the month of February, and is an inspiration to #treatyoself on a regular basis. It could be as simple as running that extra mile, going for the creme brulee or getting that really cute purse you have been dreaming of for the past month.



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