#Trending vol. 1


I received this “brew your own gin” kit from a friend for Christmas. As you know, I love gin. I am so excited to try this out! As if the idea of making your own gin wasn’t interesting enough, the packaging is so great. It comes in a mason jar, #sotrendy, and a great little DIY booklet. Maybe I’ll write a post later using this gin I make in one of my favorite cocktails. Stay tuned!

GinBrew Kit


GinBrew kit

GinBrew booklet


Yes Please

I might have told you my goal this year is to read at least one book every month. This month, I’m reading Yes Please by my girl, Amy Poehler. I didn’t think I could love Amy more than I already did, then I started reading this book. I seriously can’t put it down.

yes please by Amy Poehler cover

Reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler


I’ve been getting Birchbox for a few months now and honestly I am a little obsessed. It’s $10 a month for a box of 4-5 hand picked beauty samples. Again, packaging. I always appreciate adorable packaging. I look forward to getting my box every month. Beauty products are always hard to decide on. I know I am not the only person in the world who has read reviews of a “great moisturizer” then invested the $30 only to find out it irritates my skin. Birchbox allows me to try all the moisturizers I want with little investment needed. You can also gift Birchbox subscriptions. Once I figured that out, it made my Christmas shopping this year a lot easier.


It’s the podcast that is making podcasts cool again. Not going to lie, I was a total bandwagoner on this one. Everyone at work was talking about Serial and in my FOMO, I started listening. Hooked. It is pretty good. Who did it?! I have no idea! We probably will never know.

Serial podcast

Right before you listen to the last episode, watch this:


Butter Y’all!

I’m wrapping this post up with another one of my favorites from Christmas, my Butter Y’all butter dish. My grandparents recently went to Savannah, GA on vacation where they visited Paula Deen’s restaurant. My grandmother said she saw this and had to get it. So on Christmas Eve everyone in my family opened their very own Paula Deen Butter Y’all butter dish. Love it!Paula Deen's Butter Y'all Dish



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