2015 January Inspiration

Happy New Year! and happy hangover…

I constantly want to put up new mood boards all over my apartment for inspiration each month. Considering I live with my boyfriend who would probably get sick of images of pretty flowers, inspirational quotes, and new fashion trends around the apartment, I’ll just share with you instead.

Since it’s January and the new year is all about resolutions, I thought it would be a good idea to have some of my inspirational images this month reflect my resolutions for the new year.

January Inspiration - Old Ways Wont Open New Doors

Found on: madebyfolks.tumblr

January Inspiration - Camel Coat

All I want is that camel coat

OPI Let Them Eat Ricecake

Neutral nails are a must – I’m in love with OPI’s Let Them Eat Rice Cake

January Inspiration - Leather pants and oxblood

January is the time I break out my leather pants (it’s too hot in Florida to wear them before January). Also, all the oxblood, all the time.

January Inspiration - See The World

Seeing the world is always a goal, and if I happen to do it wearing this really cool hat, then so be it.

January Inspiration - read

I made a goal last year to read at least one book every month and I loved it. I’m going to continue that resolution this year. Book #1 is Yes Please by my girl Amy.

January Inspiration - Cozy Time

I will also need to cuddle up with a cup of coffee while reading.

January Inspiration - Bar Method

January Inspiration - Bar Method

There is always room to improve your health. I am always looking for new and fun ways to stay healthy. My sister currently is an instructor at The Bar Method in Maryland. For Christmas, she signed me up for a 6-week challenge at The Bar Method studio in Tampa and I LOVED it. If you’re looking for a fun new way to stay in shape – I highly recommend this. Your butt will thank you.

January Inspiration - Passion Planner

Need to organize your inspirations?! I am loving this passion planner. The layout is to die for.

And, always remember:

January Inspiration - Quality over Quantity

What is inspiring you this month? Any fun and new resolutions you can’t wait to tackle?


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