DIY Napkins

Hey ya’ll!

So you probably read that a few weeks ago I was visiting my sister in Maryland. One of the things I failed to mention, is that my trip involved some crafting as well!

My sister wanted to make something for her new home and I have been dying to do some stamping! So we headed over to the local Michaels and picked up some fabric paint. We grabbed a stencil or two as well as some odds and ends to get our stamp on. We couldn’t find any great napkins at Michaels so we grabbed these super basic white napkins from Target on the way home.

My sister started with a stamp she grabbed from Michaels and I grabbed a cute stencil:

stamped Napkins 1

Stamped napkins 2

Stamped napkins - stencil

Then I started creating my own stamps. My first one was just the wooded circle side of a basic sponge brush. The second is the skinny side of a rubber eraser. Then, I decided to grab an exacto knife and create a triangle stamp out of a wine cork. Totally worked!

stamped napkins - circle stamp

stamped napkins - circle finished

stamped napkins - rubber eraser

stamped napkin - rubber eraser finished

stamped eraser - trangle stamp

stamped napkins - triangle stamp

Overall, I think the napkins turned out great! My sister’s floral inspired napkins look great in her adorable kitchen and my geometric shapes look great in my retro kitchen.

Stamped Napkins on Smile There's Gin

No gin was involved, but there was sangria!


If you are looking for more stamping inspiration check out these amazing stamping projects as well:

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