Three days in Maryland

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I finally made it up to Maryland to visit my beautiful sister Katie, brother-in-law Mark, and niece pup Mabry!

They moved up to the Maryland area last July right after their elopement on the harbor in Annapolis. I went up there to celebrate both Mark and Katie’s birthday, as well as their one year wedding anniversary. These two couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

Kate and Mark 1

katie and Mark 2

katie and mark 3

I also think those pics pretty much sum up the first year in a marriage.

Since they live in the southern part of Maryland, it isn’t a far drive to Washington DC, so that’s where my journey began. Katie took me to Georgetown on Friday. We walked into Paolo’s Ristorante for a quick bite to eat. I ended up taking a little vacation from my Gluten-Free month, ordered a beer (Allagash White), and split an amazing Sicilian Pizza with my sister. It was such a beautiful day out. We were able to sit at a small table right by the sidewalk and enjoy the late spring weather.

katie and beer

Sicilian pizza

Then came the shopping! Georgetown has the cutest shops and the best retailers. My favorite: Madewell! There is not a Madewell in Tampa, so every time I go to a city that has one I HAVE to go and I usually end up buying the store. I contained myself this time and only bought one thing. It truly was a miracle. Of course, we had to make a stop at Georgetown Cupcakes, and walk out with dozen. I mean, we had a lot of things to celebrate that weekend. Totally justified.

georgetown 1

georgetown stairs



Red velvet cupcakesgeorgetown cupcakes

Once we had the cupcakes we were off to Maryland! An hour or so of that notorious DC traffic later, and I finally met my niece, Mabry, the pup-a-tron!


mabry 2



Isn’t she the cutest?!? A lot of my trip involved me throwing a tennis ball across the apartment while drinking sangria with my sister and playing an amazingly nerdy card game with my brother-in-law. Life literally couldn’t get any better.

Since we had a lot of things to celebrate that weekend, we took the metro into Bethesda for an evening. We walked around town into shops and bars, grabbing a beer every now and then before we finally landed at Mussel Bar for dinner. Our food was uhhhh-mazinggg. See proof below:

mussel bar crab dipmussel barmussel bar- kati'e Skatemussel bar - kristas food

mussel bar


And of course there was gin.

mussel bar - gin


Until next time Katie and Mark, Happy One Year Anniversary! Love ya’ll to the moon and back!



2 thoughts on “Three days in Maryland

  1. I live in southern Maryland too! I love the harbor in Annapolis! So cute and preppy lol. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Such a fun time. We really enjoyed our visit and walking around the city. Love you and miss you even more. Love, The Weavil Family

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